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Away By B.A. Wolfe Release Day Event


Title: Away
Author: B.A. Wolfe
Release Date: November 20, 2013
Genres: Contemporary Romance, New Adult


What good is running AWAY when you only end up lost?

Cassandra Pierce had her whole "perfect" life planned out by her parents. One night of pure weakness and lust has her running away from it all and seeking refuge in Alamosa with her best friend. But it seems life has other plans for her when she finds herself lost in the small town of Keaton.

Jason Bradley is a charming country guy. He lives a simple life that’s nothing like what Cassandra is used to. A single moment in life changed everything he thought he once knew, leaving him with a broken heart and an unplanned future.

What happens in Keaton is nothing Cassandra or her heart could have ever prepared for. The instant connection she shares with Jason is no secret, but what they're keeping hidden from one another is. Will these two be able to find a way to trust each other or will their secrets tear them apart?


Not a word was said as we headed in a direction we had yet to go in this town. I kept my eyes in front of me and Jason did the same. It was awkward and it was killing me, but I was hurt. He lied to me. He knew what was going on the whole time and made me believe I was hiding it from him. I wiped the tears that were slipping out in a continuous flow now as I thought of how he had to feel about me now, pregnant, lost, and apparently not as good of a liar as I once believed.

“You probably think I’m a terrible person and I’m sorry I lied to you, but I was afraid. I was terrified of what you would think of me once you found out. I was scared of losing you and your friendship that I’ve grown to enjoy too much,” I said quietly as I closed my eyes, wondering if he even heard me.

“Look, I'm not going anywhere, you have to believe me. I want to help you; you don’t have to go through this alone. I know you have your friend, but you have me too.”

I looked over at him, his eyes still shying away from mine. “You should have told me you knew Jason. You shouldn’t have let me continue to hide everything if you knew.”

“It wasn’t my place to say, Cassie. You needed to tell me, but then tonight, seeing Jeff and his damn hands, I couldn’t take it anymore,” he said, his hands slamming down on his steering wheel. “I knew you would want answers so I just had to come clean. Listen, I’m not proud of what I did, but I’ll be damned if I let someone put their hands on you.”

“Where are you taking us?” I asked lost, hurt, and scared. I didn’t want to hear about his feelings, how he didn’t want someone else to touch me, yet he wouldn’t. I just wanted to run, go back to his house, and cry into my pillow.

“You’ll see,” he said quietly.

Before I knew it, we had arrived at what looked like a farm. I could only guess it was theirs. “Your farm?” I asked as he parked in front of a huge wheat field.

“Yeah,” he said, finally looking at me. “It’s the only place far enough from the town that you actually feel far away from the world, I like it here.” He grabbed a blanket from the truck, the same blue quilt from his room as he stepped out. I did the same and followed him to the back, watching as he quickly spread the blanket across the bed of the truck before hopping down.

“Give me your hand,” he said, reaching his out for mine. “Let’s take a walk and talk first.” I placed my shaking hand into his. We started walking into the field, the wheat stalks tickling the bare skin in between the boots and my dress.

I followed him, our hands intertwined, as we got further into the field. It didn’t take long for the nerves to take over my whole body. I stopped and let go of his hand. I couldn’t take the silence anymore. “Jason, my heart is racing. I am so nervous right now. I just… I need to tell you what happened, I need you to know the whole story,” I told him.

“I want to know what happened, Cassie, but only if you’re okay with telling me,” he said, his body facing mine.

I wasn’t okay with confessing it, but he had to know. I just feared for what was to come after he heard it. I knew he wouldn’t be so inclined to help me anymore. He would think horrible things about me; I knew this, because I thought them myself.





B.A. Wolfe is a girl with a passion for reading and writing, and lives in the good ol’ state of Colorado with her husband (her biggest cheerleader), and her two crazy min pin fur babies. These days, her life is anything but calm, and there isn't one thing she’d want to change. B.A. spends all her free time either furiously typing stories on her laptop or happily reading through her endless TBR on her Kindle. Her list of favorites would be long enough to fill a book, but most would likely fall under the romance category. She is a sucker for a good love story that makes her cry, and an amazing book boyfriend who will melt her heart. ‘Away’ is B.A. Wolfe’s debut novel.



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Greed - Fisher Amelie

                        Greed Book 2 Seven Deadly Series

            Release Day Event Excerpt and                                                Giveaway!

ABOUT GREED (Book 2 in the Seven Deadly Series):

Gather ‘round, love, because I want you. I want what you have, I want what you don’t have, I want more of what I already have. I want. But if you so much as ask for something in return, go ahead and walk away. Know if you want to play in my world, it’s every man for themselves and the weak become mine. Leeches will be obliterated because I make it my job to destroy them. I protect what’s mine and I take what’s yours...because that’s what I do. I want.

My story will not endear me to you and, frankly, I could care less if it does because I’m in this for the money and nothing else. There’s nothing redeeming about me. I’m a corrupt, money hungry, immoral asshole from Los Angeles. I’m every man’s worst nightmare and every girl’s fantasy.

I’m Spencer Blackwell...And this is the story about how I went from the world’s most coveted guy to the guy no one wanted around and why I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

About Fisher Amelie:

Fisher Amelie is the author of The Leaving Series, Callum & Harper and Thomas & January. She began her writing career as a copywriter for an internet marketing company wherein one of their client's said, 'Hey! You're funny. You should write books'. Which in turn she said, 'Hey, get out of here! This is the lady's restroom.' While washing her hands and the embarrassment from her face, she thought they may have had a valid point. So, she took the thousands of hours of writing stories growing up, tucked them into her pocket and began writing and writing and writing.




Greed is a strange, strange sin.
All you want to do is acquire. Acquire money, acquire material, acquire time, acquire energy, acquire attention. The running mantra is “I want, I want, I want” but that quickly turns to “I need, I need, I need.”
Suddenly there just isn’t enough time for friends, for family, for anyone. Your goal is to acquire and to make sure what you acquire stays acquired. Your life depends on it. You don’t see truth because the truth is shadowed by enormous homes, incredibly fast cars, in lavish spending. Your life no longer belongs to you, but you are blind to it all because those around you are seeking the same.
So you shuffle along at an impossible rate, and you pass the real world around you.
But what you’ll come to realize, altogether too late, is that it’s never enough. It’s simply never enough.
Chapter One
“It’s confirmed. Peter Knight of Evergreen won’t approve the acquisition. You know what to do,” my snake of a father told me, not two steps into his front door.
“I just got off a seven-hour flight. You can’t let me settle in? Possibly say hello?”
He stood, watching me, a slight tick in his square jaw. He tucked his hands into his Italian silk pants. His six-foot frame followed the steps up to the foyer and stopped a few inches away from my own. We were face to face. Although I fell an inch shorter, he no longer intimidated me. I knew if I had to, I could kick his ass.
“Hello, Spencer,” he said, a serpent’s smile spread wide across his mouth before falling flat. “Get to work. I don’t pay you to sit around. I don’t care if it is your Christmas break.”

We stayed where we were, each waiting on the other to back down. The tension was palpable. In the end, his face relaxed and he began to chuckle, stepping aside and making way for me. I picked up my bags and headed for my room, giving myself plenty of space to pass him without touching him.
When I got to the bottom of the stairs, I changed my mind and threw my bags on the second to last step, intending to pick them up later. I stretched my muscles, loving the feel of my back popping, and started for the kitchen.
“Where the hell do you think you’re going?” he asked, still standing in the foyer, watching my every move.
“If I don’t say hi to Mom and Bridge, they’ll think something’s up,” I told him and continued on.
He didn’t respond, but I felt his stare burning into the back of my head.

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The Descending Darkness By Michael Chulsky

                           The Descending Darkness

                              By Michael Chulsky

              Review and Let's Talk- Writing History

Genre: YA/Paranormal 
(Appropriate for teens and older who like vampire/paranormal reads)



After going from demon hunter to babysitter, seventeen-year-old SHADOW has truly hit rock bottom. One week he's slaughtering demons, and the next he has ten super-powered teenagers in his care. Shadow needs them, because without them he can't hope to defeat his new foe. But he's never dealt with other teenagers before. He never had a real childhood. He's always been a loner. Hell, he's tried the whole having-a-pet thing. It died.

Shadow's mission: save the world and ensure his team survives the potential apocalypse. If MAEDARA, self-proclaimed fashionista and Queen of Evil, wasn't trying to rule the world, it'd be cake. Now, not only does Shadow have to deal with teens more concerned with going to the mall than fighting evil, but also a villain who, in his opinion, makes Lady Gaga look like Mother Theresa. 

My Review:

Shadow is a dhampir- half human/half vampire. He is also on a mission. He needs to round up other teenagers with similar but different powers and train them to fight. They must go to Draconia Isle to try and stop whoever is trying to steal the Dragon's Eye. He runs into many challenges on his missions to find all the teenagers. Once he has them all, they begin training. At first, everyone living together is rough. They argue, and tease, and get on each others nerves as they are acclimating to their new living arrangements. If they are to succeed, they must put their differences aside and come together like family to overcome evil. They start to realize that they aren't as different as they think. Everyone wants to be accepted for who they are.

"You can't choose to be what you are or who you are. You're born with it! ... Hating and being ignorant. You can choose to hate somebody for something they cannot control. You can also choose to be ignorant."

     For some of these kids, this is the first time they have ever been accepted and it means everything.

"What makes me different is that I know how you feel. I know what it's like to not feel good enough or strong enough, or to blame yourself for other people's ignorance and bigotry. But eventually you come to understand that it's not you. It's them."

   They've all got quite to battle ahead of them and they must be there for each other, they must be strong, and they must be brave. 

"Sometimes there are things worth fighting for, people worth fighting for, things worth dying for."

  But is there a trader among them? Will they succeed on all of their missions? Are they strong enough to defeat the powerful Maedara? Read and find out.

     This was my first YA Paranormal of this nature. When Michael Chulsky contacted me about reading and reviewing his book I thought the blurb sounded interesting and I was excited to read something different for a change. If you like reading books with vampires, and/or people with special powers then you should definitely read this.

   I've had a few conversations with Michael through email about the book and his fantastic personality shines through not only in person but in his writing as well. I look forward to reading more from him in the future.

Buy Links:

Rocking Horse Publishing   


Barnes & Noble

About the Author

Michael Chulsky grew up in New Jersey and has been writing ever since his fourth grade teacher let him create a class newspaper to channel his creativity. He is the author of The Descending Darkness and currently lives with his fiancé. When not writing he enjoys browsing Tumblr, listening to music, and devouring every piece of cheesecake that falls into his line of sight.

Stalk Him

Michael's blog:



Novel Page:



Let's Talk Writing History: 
From Michael Chulsky

I’m here with Angela, of Angela’s Smexy Book Reviews to talk a bit about my writing history and how I became interested in being an author.

Writing has become such a big part of my life that it’s weird to think back to a time when I didn’t do it. I know that it all started in fourth grade when I randomly decided to make a little newspaper for my friends/classmates to read – you know, just for fun. I still can’t believe how positive their reactions were to it.

I didn’t think about writing much after fourth grade. I was far too invested into video games and television to think about anything else. I still kept little journals and wrote down random details of my life. I also would draw little characters and pretend that they were real and imagine backstories for them. Little did I know back then, my imagination was trying to tell me something.

In sixth grade, I had a hard time fitting in and I needed a creative outlet. It was then that I started writing poetry. I remember there was one assignment in my English class to write a poem and read it aloud to the class. I ended up writing a poem in which I described my disdain for school and took playful jabs at all of my teachers – playful jabs, nothing disrespectful. Everyone loved it, including the English teacher. It was then that I remembered how much I loved seeing the reactions to my writing. And I couldn’t stop.

I continued writing poetry throughout middle school. I didn’t like to share my poetry with people, but when I did, I enjoyed their reactions and criticisms. It was a few years into high school when I started writing short stories and imagining up TDD. I knew that I couldn’t leave it inside my imagination – I had to make it real somehow. So after much encouragement from my friends, I began writing it.

And that’s how it all began. =)

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Convicted by Aleatha Romig


                                          Convicted is live!!!


There were still lessons to learn and consequences for the truth!
When Claire Nichols met Anthony Rawlings, she didn’t know they had a past, or that he had plans for her future.Over time, the role of teacher changed—games became reality—and domination turned to desire. Despite an insurmountable history, Claire and Tony found their way back to one another.
Just when they seemed to have it all—love, respect, and the promise of a family—the game master exposed thetruth. Claire’s world once again spun out of control. Unwilling to allow her child to suffer the consequences of an old vendetta, Claire fled...
At one time, Claire was held captive in an opulent mansion—then her incarceration was a cell inside a state penitentiary. Was her new prison—a tropical island—truly less lonely? Perhaps that was the game master’s plan, all along?
Who will save Claire from her oldest nightmare and her newest reality? Will it be Tony? Can he forgive her for leaving him—again? Harry? Will he utilize previously unknown connections to save the woman who infiltrates his thoughts? Maybe Phil? Will his devotion in keeping Claire and her child safe be rewarded?
As the cards are played—sins of the past, innocent victims, and truths are revealed. With compartmentalization no longer an option, is the reality too much? Could there be an even worse isolation?
With the game master dealing from a stacked deck, can this new high-stakes game possibly be won?
When it’s all over and their cards are on the table—SOME will discover their bets were too high—they have nothing left to lose—ALL will learn the crucial lesson—the most important rule—there are CONSEQUENCES for the TRUTH!
Aleatha Romig’s CONVICTED!

Buy Links:

                                        Series Links:

Aleatha Romig is a bestselling author, who has been voted #1 "New Author to Read" on Goodreads July 2012 - Present! She was also #9 most followed author on Goodreads - July / August 2013.

Aleatha has lived most of her life in Indiana growing-up in Mishawaka, graduating from Indiana University, and currently living south of Indianapolis. Together with her high-school sweetheart and husband of twenty six years, they've raised three children. Before she became a full-time author, she worked days as a dental hygienist and spent her nights writing. Now, when she’s not imagining mind-blowing twists and turns, she likes to spend her time with her family and friends. Her pastimes include exercising, reading and creating heros/ anti-heros who haunt your dreams!

Aleatha enjoys traveling, especially when there is a beach involved. In 2011 she had the opportunity to visit Sydney, Australia to visit her daughter studying at the University of Wollongong. Her dream is to travel to places in her novels and around the world.

CONSEQUENCES, her first novel, was released August 2011 by Xlibris Publishing. October 2012 Ms. Romig rereleased CONSEQUENCES as an Indie author. TRUTH, the sequel, was released October 30, 2012 andCONVICTED, the final installment of the Consequences Series, release today, October 8th, 2013!

Aleatha is a “Published Author’s Network” member of the Romance Writers of America and represented by Danielle Egan-Miller of Brown and Miller Literary Associates.

Twitter @AleathaRomig:

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Love and Lists- Tara Sivec

                                                 Love and Lists

                                                   (Chocoholics #1)

                            By Tara Sivec   



Love and Lists is the first book in the Chocolate Lovers spinoff - Chocoholics: The foul-mouthed offspring tell their stories. Twenty-five-year-old Gavin Ellis has always had the love and support of his family ever since he was a little boy and couldn't stop talking about his penis. He's also always had their unsolicited advice and uncanny knack of embarrassing him at all costs. Now that he's an adult and trying to convince the love of his life to love him back, things haven't changed very much from when he was younger. When Gavin's best friend Tyler suggests he make a to-do list of items that will ensure he wins the girl, Gavin is one-hundred-percent on board: after a few six packs. After puking in the shrubs, a bad experience with Viagra, a Sex-Ed course gone wrong, and a slew of other mishaps courtesy of his family and friends, Gavin is pretty sure this list will be the death of him. Sometimes, trying to make someone love you with a list isn't always the best idea. Especially when "Show her your penis..." is the first "to do" item. 

My Review:

*Warning* - Reading this book in any public place may cause you to be taken to the crazy house for excessive laughter and depending on how strong your bladder is, excessive peeing.

Ever since I read book one in the Chocolate Lovers series by Tara Sivec, I knew she had a gift for humor. Not only that, but she has a gift for making people happy, for making a bad day turn into a great one with just one chapter. I've been going through a bit of a rough time lately with my father-in-law being in the hospital with cancer and it's been a bit mopey around here. I knew there was hope as soon as I got my hands on Love and Lists. Not only was I extremely excited to read about Gavin as an adult but I knew that just by reading this book that my sad day would brighten up instantly. 

Love and Lists, Gavin's story made me laugh so hard, I thought I was going to pull a muscle! I mean, look:

"My penis is a pirate and I fight crime with a meat whistle sword. Who wants to pet my goat?"

But besides the laughter there is also a great story within and some of this:

"I want her to love me. I want her to see me as something other than a friend. I want her to realize that we're soul mates."

Jesus, and just wait until you read the Cheesecake Factory part. Holy hell on a biscuit, I almost choked from laughing so hard. 

If you haven't read any of Tara Sivec's books, you need to stop what you're doing and buy them all! Yes I said all, right now. You will NOT regret it. Even her serious stuff is freaking awesome. I am the proud owner of her previous books and I will be purchasing all of her future books as well. They could be about donkey's and I'd still buy them because if she wrote it, I know it will be fantastic. I can't wait to read more in this series coming soon!

Purchase Links

Amazon               BN

About Tara  Sivec 
Tara Sivec is a wife, mom, chauffeur, cheerleading coach, soccer coach, babysitter, short­order cook,
genius and albino squirrel hunter. She lives in Ohio with her husband and two kids. In her spare time she
likes read, write and cover things in chocolate. Most of her material comes from real life experiences with
family and friends. Lucky for them, the names have been changed to protect the innocent (aka, drunk).

Tara also writes under the pen name T.E. Sivec where she can be serious, suspenseful and not at all funny.      

Social Media Links:





Up for grabs: 2 winners will receive ebook copies of Love & Lists. 2 winners will receive
signed paperback copies of Love & Lists. And the grandprize winner will receive a signed paperback copy of
Love & Lists along with an L&L tote bag filled with fun swag!" rel="nofollow">a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Moore to Loose- Julie Richman

                                               Moore to Lose

              Book Two- Needing Moore Series
                       By Julie A. Richman

5 Stars!!!

Release Date: September 30th 2013.  Adult Contemporary Romance

Continuing the fight for their happily ever after that began in Searching for Moore, Schooner Moore and Mia Silver struggle to overcome the ghosts and baggage they accumulated during their time apart. Exploring the missing 24 years when they were separated, Moore to Lose follows Mia's journey from heartbroken teen to kickass businesswoman to her emotional reunion with Schooner and the exploration of the love that was ripped from them. But is their love really strong enough to overcome the damage of those missing 24 years or will they continue to be ripped apart by pasts that can't be changed? This is Book 2 in the Needing Moore Series trilogy and is not to be read as a standalone book. Searching for Moore is the first book in the series.

My Review:

I was so excited to read this book. I was so angry at the end of book one and NEEDED to know what the fate was of Mia and her unborn baby. In book two, Moore to Lose, we are taken back during the 24 years that Mia and Schooner were apart. I don't want to give away anything to ruin the story for anyone so this will be brief. Mia finds herself unable to get Schooner off of her mind until thankfully she takes a class and is partnered up with Rob Ryan. They confide in each other their past hurts and end up being best friends. It is this friendship that gets Mia through most of the year. We also meet a new character to the story, Professor Tom Sheehan. He plays a big part in this book. 

Mia feels like Schooner has betrayed her and doesn't think she can move on. We see little bits of what Schooner is up to and also who has really betrayed them.  Everything leads us up to when Mia and Schooner come back together through Facebook and then to present day. 

Julie Richman is an incredible author who knows how to draw you in and not let go until the last word and then leave you begging for more. I love this series and can't wait for book three.

Purchase Links:

Amazon             Goodreads

Dream Cast

About the Author:

Author Julie A. Richman is a native New Yorker living deep in the heart of Texas. A creative writing major in college, reading and writing fiction has always been a passion. Julie began her corporate career in publishing in NYC and writing played a major role throughout her career as she created and wrote marketing, advertising, direct mail and fundraising materials for Fortune 500 corporations, advertising agencies and non-profit organizations. She is an award winning nature photographer plagued with insatiable wanderlust. Julie and her husband have one son and a white German Shepherd named Juneau.
Contact Julie at:
Twitter: @juliearichman

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                                                   First Position

                         By Prescott Lane

4 Stars!

Emory faces life’s challenges at the one place that’s never failed her, the ballet barre. But even the barre can’t steady her when fate brings her face-to-face with her old college flame, Mason, who’s hoping to return to the NFL after a career-threatening injury. Before they can surrender to their sexual desires and find salvation in each other’s arms, they need to come to terms with their past. Mason must confront the demons that have set him on a path of self-destruction, while Emory must decide whether to keep her painful secrets locked away, or expose them and risk losing the love of her life. But nothing can prepare Mason for what Emory has kept hidden, or the possibility that he himself may be to blame for the very secrets she keeps – and why they continue to haunt her.



My Review:

When Emory was in college she lived for ballet. She was even accepted to a prestigious ballet company. Unfortunately, her boyfriend Mason has NFL aspirations that conflict with hers. After Mason breaks up with Emory she is devastated. Sadly, before she is even able to join the ballet company she is injured and can no longer dance at a professional level. 

Fast forward six years...

One night Emory is at a bar when she bumps into Mason, literally. She is shocked to see the man who broke her heart many years ago. He is in town to possibly get a new NFL contract after his old team let him go due to injury. 

Mason knows he screwed up when he let Emory go all those years ago. He is unhappily married to a woman who only married him for his fame and money but what does he expect? That's the lifestyle he wanted...or so he thought. 

As they get to know each other again and catch up on each others lives, Mason can't shake thoughts of Emory. He is getting a divorce and a possible new location and decides he wants to be where Emory is. But can she forgive him for breaking her heart and choosing football over her? 

Mason keeps things from Emory, small things, that he doesn't feel she needs to know. Emory get upset when she finds out and asks him to please be honest with her about everything if they are going to try again. But, Emory is keeping a big secret of her own. Will she tell Mason? How will he react? She can't keep her nightmare's a secret forever. 

I thought this was a good easy read and the author Prescott Lane is a sweet sweet lady. I want to thank her for her patience with me on this review. I was sent a copy of this story in exchange for a fair review but unfortunately couldn't read it when I wanted due to a family illness. I was so glad to finally be able to read it and I look forward to more from her. 

About the Author
Prescott Lane lives in New Orleans, LA with her husband, two kids, and two dogs. She sold her first story at the tender age of 5 to her father for a quarter and has had a love of writing ever since.


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Safe With Me- Kristen Proby Release Day!

                                                   Safe With Me

                          By Kristen Proby

                        Release Day Launch


  Keeping others safe is what Caleb Montgomery does. He’s never had a problem taking on an assignment, whether it was during his dangerous SEAL days or his most recent job of training war mercenaries. But being assigned to keep Brynna Vincent and her adorable daughters, Maddie and Josie, safe from an unknown threat has thrown Caleb off his axis. Hot for the tall brunette since she came back to town more than a year ago, being close to her day in and day out is cracking Caleb’s resolve to keep his hands off her gorgeous body and his head in the mission.
Brynna is sick and tired of being afraid. All she wants is a normal, quiet life for her and her precious girls. Just as she’s settling into her new home in Seattle and feeling safe again, Caleb shows up on her doorstep insisting the danger is as high as ever. But whether she needs to be sheltered from the threat in her past, or from the intense emotions she feels for the sexy, protective man sleeping in her home, remains to be seen. What will happen if Brynna and her girls fall in love with a man so broken he may not be able to protect them from the danger that threatens, much less himself?”
SAFE WITH ME is the fifth book in the With Me In Seattle series, and continues to follow this tight-knit, loving family through life’s trials and tribulations with humor, passion and everlasting love.


Twitter: @handbagjunkie

About Kristen Proby:
Kristen is the author of the Amazon and USA Today bestselling With Me In Seattle series. She has a passion for a good love story and strong characters who love humor and have a strong sense of loyalty and family. Her men are the alpha type; fiercely protective and a bit bossy, and her ladies are fun, strong, and not afraid to stand up for themselves.
Kristen spends her days with her muse in the Pacific Northwest. She enjoys coffee, chocolate and sunshine. And naps.

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Tour hosted by: