Wednesday, September 18, 2013

So Much it Hurts

By Melanie Dawn

My Review

4 Stars

I just turned the last page of this book on my Kindle and now I'm trying to get my thoughts together for this review.

Melanie Dawn is an excellent writer. This book flowed nicely and everything came together as a good book should.

As far as the actually story goes, I have mixed thoughts about how the characters handled certain situations and the ending itself. Being a stay at home mom myself, I definitely know the day to day stress it can bring. I know how many people think that stay at home moms have it easy and don't do much. I also know how that is completely untrue.

This book starts off present day with Kaitlyn Thomas, a stay at home mom, needing a break from the endless day to day chores life brings. She decides to go away with her friends on a little getaway, a weekend escape to the beach. Little does she know that her past will be catching up with her while she is there.

While at a bar, she runs into Chris King, a boy from her high school days who was there for her at a pivotal time when she needed him most. She realizes that the fierce attraction she felt all those years ago is still there. But what will she do about it, if anything?

Her friends, wanting to know more about this mysterious man from Kaitlyn's past, ask her to divulge the information. In order to do this, she must go back to the beginning.

The book then switches to her high school days, recounting the stories of her abusive high school boyfriend and when Chris King comes into her life and how he essentially saves her despite the consequences for himself.

Kaitlyn really aggravated me with the way she handled many things. I understood some of her decisions but others made me want to throw my precious Kindle at the wall!

Abuse is never okay, and I know its easier said then done but you should always seek help no matter the threat your abuser is using against you. Even if you are scared, try and be brave and get help.
There are people who will believe you.

Abuse Hotline: 1-800-799-7233

I couldn't tear my eyes off of the pages. I kept reading and reading late at night until I felt my eyes get so heavy I started to read the same line over and over with no comprehension.

There really was no fair way for this book to end. Someone would end up getting hurt. I felt for Chris, he is such a great guy and he deserves so much goodness in his life. I felt for Kaitlyn and the choices she had to make. Although, I would have chosen a different ending, this book was an excellent read and I am eager to read more from Melanie Dawn in the future. 


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