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Allure by Nina Lane - Blog Tour - Review and Giveaway

                                                        ALLURE, BY NINA LANE

                          HOLY BUCKETS OF HOT AND EMOTIONAL         

                                                      5 STARS!!!                                                  

In Arouse, book 2, it opens with Dean and Olivia in a very compromising, very hot position, in a coat closet. Jealous! A humorous situation ensues and the story continues...

This book was mostly about Dean and Olivia trying to rekindle the passion and joy they had in the beginning of their relationship. We retrace the steps from the beginning and see how much Dean adores Olivia, how he only has eyes for her, only wants her, how he wants to make her happy, and protect her from all things. 

"You became my world the minutes I saw you Olivia Rose."

“We want our marriage to be a haven of warmth and pleasure again. We want our pure lustiness back, untainted by fear and mistrust. We want the unending spirals of bliss we can create only with each other. We want to shut the rest of the world out while locking ourselves in together”

Olivia feels like she has lost herself somewhere along the way. She had all these plans after college that never happened. Dean has taken care of her for so long, she starts to think she is nothing without him. She feels weak. Dean, however knows she is strong, stronger than most.

"You’re the strongest person I've ever met, Liv. I don’t think you even know how strong you are…” 

We get both POV's which I love. We get to go inside Dean's mind and see that he is beside himself during the rough times. He isn't sure where he went wrong in their marriage, but he feels like he is to blame.

“Why was I suddenly not enough for you? What if I fail you again?” 

Dean and Olivia have a very passionate, loving, yet destructive marriage. Their love is strong however and they are determined to make it through the hardships and the heartbreak. They go through so much, you don't think they could possibly take anymore. Dean's family certainly doesn't make things easy. There is one part in particular that I can relate to. I found myself with tears streaming down my face that wouldn't stop. My 5-yr old son came over and asked me if I was okay and didn't leave my side for a while after that. 

They are there for each other in the end when the shit starts hitting the fan in other areas. I was surprised by the ending and can't wait to see how to story enfolds. I would also like to see more about Dean's brother and maybe possibly a book for him??? :) 

I think these two will make it...I mean they have to. Two people who have the sexual connection and holy hotness that they have are made for each other! Make sure you have your significant other or B.O.B. nearby while reading this!!! 

Well done Nina Lane! I can't wait to see what's next. 

"You and me, beauty, he reminds me, his eyes gentle.

You and me, professor.”


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Nina Lane is a multi-published author of elegant, romantic, and often raunchy erotica. Her recent release Arouse is the first book in the Spiral of Bliss series, and her novel, The Erotic Dark is an Amazon #1 Erotica bestseller. 

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  1. Angela, wow! Thank you so much for the incredible review! So happy you are enjoying Liv and Dean's story -- I like to think that the heartbreak will make their ending all the sweeter. Very interesting thought about a book for Archer, and one I've considered too. :-) Thanks again so much for participating in the LLL tour and for the support!

  2. Yes, I agree, I think Archer has a story there. I feel for him. What a shock for him to find out like he did about his parentage. Sin of the mother and all of that. Not to mention the family pressure to be perfect. He showed heart when he helped Liv.